Subsphere EP

by Level 2.0



released February 16, 2015

All original songs written, recorded & mastered by: Mike Hoffman
@Nemesys Music Studios 2014-15
Nostalgia (Adrenaline mix) by Matt Clennan- DJ X-Trakt (Infidel)
Cover artwork by: Hc Carbo



all rights reserved


Level 2.0 Florida

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Track Name: Rush
Awaiting the days ahead. Until we meet again.
Longing for the sound of your voice. Like a silence within the void.

Will I ever dream again.

Distorted by silence. It was your absence that was dividing.
Yet the years pass. Still I feel the rush.
And they all just stand and wonder.
Mindless fools not worthy of her.
Waiting for the chance, when I turn my back.
Track Name: Nostalgia
Lost within these chambers. Alone and vulnerable.
Surrounded by reminders of the past.
The very essence that wakes me. Deep within the night.
Longing for her warm body as it once lied next to mine.

With eyes of an angel. Shining down with light.
Reminding me there's more to life.

You can try and run, struggle to resist. Fight the urge inside.
The one companion that you miss.
Whether you believe it exists, It will never die.
Everything you've learned, will soon fade with time.
Every little concern, That you chose to hide.
All the ones that you loved. The valor that you praised.
Seems the ones that we trust are the ones we betray.
Track Name: In Darkness
Descending down from the sky. This rain that falls like tears tonight.
And you can hear it. A shot, crash sound deep inside.
Your heart is pounding. Soon you become more than what you can hide.

When it all turns to darkness.
I'll be the one that you miss.
And you'll be standing alone.
Wondering where it all went all wrong.

Remember our past endeavors. For it will haunt you long after.
As will the longing, soon becomes more than you can hide.